I've started writing some pieces and will share them here. Mostly short stories, currently not many. NSFW or triggering content will be marked.

  • Return
  • TW: Suicide
  • On Christmas Eve of 2021, a returned Armand who now goes by the name Altær, returns to Vienna to reminisce the one-year anniversary of his 'death'. He didn't expect to witness a stranger following in his footsteps.

  • Moving In
  • Sequel of "Return". After witnessing the death and return of another tankhead, Altær decides to offer him a place to stay. This short story mostly sets up future things...

  • Killing Strangers
  • Sequel of "Moving In". A new morning dawns and Altær witnesses some strange behavior. His new flatmate is trying to adjust to his new life, and Altær tries to help. They also go hunt for a meal, but it ends unexpectedly.

  • A New Tune
  • Sequel of "Killing Strangers". Altær and Colt go to a park expecting a meal, but find something else. Something that means trouble. (This story is still a draft and might be reworked.)

  • Coming Soon: More
  • Keep an eye out for more stories, which I may or may not work on in the future.