Hard And Demanding Labor

TW: Murder, Cannibalism, Sexual Content
Sequel of the previous story "A New Tune". Despite aggravating circumstances, the two tankheads carry out their first successful hunt together, and Colt finally gets his first meal. Altær has something to celebrate, too.

It was sometimes hard for Altær to shut up. Sometimes, someone had to do it for him. But not everyone knew that. He was currently lounging on his living room's couch, his posture appearing much less tense than he really was. The only indicator of his current inner tension was that he couldn't stop talking.

There was a reason for him being nervous, but the person who was the reason for it didn't know the signs. She was lounging on the couch as well, sipping at a glass of wine. It was the fourth or fifth glass. Maybe she was too drunk to really be bothered by Altær talking that much.

"...and if it hadn't been for that guy uploading the songs before his account got taken down, I would've never found out about them."

The woman nodded pensively, but didn't get a word in as Altær went on already.

"Now I own the CDs, but there's only two of them, unfortunately. The solo stuff Dax did later was also not bad, but just not the same..."

Standing in the corner of the room and probably bored by it all was Colt. He was leaning against a small stove in that corner, arms crossed. It seemed like he had even gotten tired of watching the two others, was obviously staring off into space.

Altær of course hadn't forgotten about the T67, and also not about the real plan behind bringing a lady here. It was probably time to see that plan through. The evening was still young, but this woman was only the first of the two visitors scheduled for that night. She didn't know this, either. There was really no time to draw this out any longer than it needed to be.

"Anyway," Altær said smoothly as he shuffled closer to the woman and boldly put his hand on her thigh, "How about you finish that drink and we move on to the really fun stuff?" His words were purred in a tone suggestive enough to make the hint a broad one. The woman giggled and proceeded to down her glass while Altær gave her thigh an encouraging squeeze.

As soon as she finished her glass, she put it down on the coffee table and stood up slowly. Altær also got up and quickly supported her by grabbing her waist as she was swaying a little. She giggled more. Altær gave her a gentle pull to lead her towards the bedroom door. Before they reached it, the woman suddenly resisted. Altær felt a very brief moment of panic before she revealed the reason for her hesitation.

"Isn't he gonna join us?" she said with a smirk and a nod towards Colt.

The T67's arms sunk to his side in a rather startled way, suggesting that he wasn't sure how to react to the question. Was he supposed to join them, indeed? Altær knew the answer. He gestured at his flatmate briskly.

"Of course he will," Altær smiled.

There was no more resistance from the woman now. Altær took her hand and guided her the rest of the short way to the bedroom, with Colt trotting after them in a somewhat dumbfounded way. Altær opened the door and the three of them entered the new room, which was mostly dominated by a large bed in the middle of it and an also large wardrobe by the wall. Except for a little nightstand next to the bed, there was no other furniture. The window's blinds were closed in here as well. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the room was that the bed's blanket and pillows were all in a pile on the floor next to it, but as Altær hoped, the woman only briefly looked somewhat bewildered at that and didn't really question it as he made sure to quickly distract her.

She let herself be pushed towards the bed, and then on top of it. A good amount of groping followed as Altær made her lie down - this part was a bit awkward for him because first of all, he wasn't really into women. Second of all, Colt was watching. The T67 had sat down on the edge of the bed and really only watched, which, to be fair, was just exactly what Altær had told him to do previously. But it felt like he was staring a bit too attentively. Or maybe Altær was only imagining it.

With a lot more indecent touches and Altær's gentle nudging, the woman was quickly in the position he wanted her to be: on her back and without her top, with him on top of her. Now came the truly thrilling part. He stopped her hand from opening his pants and spoke to her in a sweet voice.

"Can you close your eyes for a moment?"

"Why?" came the oblivious question, of course.

"Just do it for me. It's a surprise," Altær replied with an audible smirk.

The woman was luckily willing to play along.

"Hmmm, okay," she said with a grin and closed her eyes, indeed.

Altær reached to the nightstand, opened the top drawer, and took out the meat knife.


"So much fucking blood..." Colt grouched. "Why do I have to do the cleaning?"

He was scrubbing some of that blood off the nightstand. Some splatters had even hit the wall, but those were mostly gone already. It was clear now why the wall was painted in a dark color.

Altær was present as well, but busy smoking. He was holding an ashtray in one hand, a cigarette in the other. That left no free hand to help with cleaning.

"It's an apprentice job," he said matter-of-factly. "Don't forget to change when you're done," the leFH then reminded his flatmate. He himself had already put on new clothes, since the previous outfit had been ruined by getting completely drenched. Nothing a washer couldn't fix, though. There was just no time for that right now, since the next visitor was expected very soon. Altær checked his phone for the time, but found that they should be able to make it if they didn't dilly-dally too much now.

"Yessir," Colt replied with a grumble.

Altær finished his cigarette and wished for a glass of wine or two, but it had to wait. He needed to be fully lucid for their killing endeavours.

"What about... her?" Colt eventually asked as he was done with the nightstand and went about taking the bloody sheets off the bed. He gestured briefly at the bundle of trash bags that was lying on the floor on the other side of the bed. It was the current, pitiful - but least mess-inducing - state of the dead woman.

"We'll put her in the basement for now. It's cool enough there," Altær said. "Later, when we have more time, we'll go about making her fridge-ready." The words were morbid enough to make Colt cringe visibly, but Altær just shrugged. He was mostly used to this by now.

"So she's the one we're going to ... eat," Colt stated with some weariness in his voice. He dropped the bedsheet onto the laminate floor. Underneath, the mattress was protected by a sheet of plastic wrap, but the plastic was stained as well. Colt sighed and grabbed the rag and the bucket again to clean that, too.

"No. Yes.... Maybe," Altær replied pensively. "I don't know yet. It probably doesn't even really matter."

"What if our... friend wants her whole?" Colt suddenly asked.

Altær's tone grew sour. "Then... I don't know."

"You need to ask."

Altær made a moody grumble. He walked back into the living room to go hide the ashtray in a drawer of his desk, and then pulled out his phone again. Bringing up the contact of the Leopard dude, he sent a simple message.

'How do you like your food?'

He waited a bit for an answer, but it seemed like 'Linda' was busy. Putting the phone back into his pocket, he returned to the bedroom.

Colt had finished cleaning the bed. Altær grabbed a new bedsheet from the wardrobe and took it upon himself to put it onto the mattress.

"What did he say?" Colt then asked.

Altær checked his phone again to see if he had received a response in the meantime. There was a text, indeed.

"Oh, motherfucker...!" the leFH murmured. "Filleted...! He's got to be joking." Unfortunately, the Leopard was most likely being serious. Maybe Altær shouldn't have asked, after all.

Colt nodded and picked up the stained bedsheet again to take it to the bathroom, where the washer was located. It took him a while to return, so Altær spent the time writing a message to their next 'date', just confirming that their meeting was going to happen. They were going to pick her up at the train station and do a short pub crawl before hopefully returning to the apartment again to go for the next kill.

Altær had never killed more than one person in a single day before, but he figured that he'd have to get used to a schedule like that. He was no longer just feeding himself. There would most likely not be enough time or prey to 'overhunt' anymore, either. The fact that a lot more people would be disappearing and that at some point a fiercer instance would concern itself with that matter was something that Altær didn't want to think about too much yet.

Colt finally returned, now in a fresh set of clothes. Altær looked up and put his phone away, then nodded at the wrapped up corpse on the floor.

"Let's get her out of here and get going," he said.


Altær stared at the ceiling. What a day. He felt like all the life energy had been drained from him, and really only wanted to sleep... but there were still some items on today's todo list left, unfortunately. He couldn't easily ignore the nagging feeling of hunger, either...

"Are you gonna get up, or what?" Colt's voice brought him back into the present and reminded him that he wasn't alone in the room.

Altær gave a drawn-out grumble.

"Five more minutes..." he said jokingly, but of course, Colt took him seriously again.

"There's no time for that now. I'm hungry," he grouched.

"Okay, fine," Altær murmured and sat up. He looked at the dead woman lying next to him, and then at Colt - who was standing in the corner of the room with his arms crossed. "This is what's gonna happen now:" Altær announced, "You're gonna help me get her into the bathroom and I'll make us some super tasty dinner while you clean up here. Does that sound like a plan?"

Colt didn't look thrilled, but nodded.

With a joint effort, they managed to haul the lady out into the living room, to the kitchen and then the bathroom, where they put her into the bathtub. All without leaving a trail of blood on the floor. This was the most convenient place for her to be right now. Altær would be able to take her apart without making a huge mess of the adjacent kitchen. It was enough that the bedroom looked like it did. But Colt grabbed the cleaning supplies and went about fixing that; he had done this earlier already and knew what to do this time. Alttær had to clean himself as well, but that was done rather quickly.

Now it was time for the most tedious part of the night... preparing a meal.


It was a long 30 minutes, but eventually, and conveniently, both tankheads were done with their respective task. By the time Colt returned to the kitchen, its small table had been set with two plates and glasses. The proud cook was leaning his back against the kitchen counter, which was now a mess - but at least not a bloody one. Just a bunch of greasy, dirty dishes and empty plastic packaging.

The T67 glanced at the dinner table and then at Altær.

"What's in the glasses?" he asked warily.

"Well, it's a special occasion," Altær said solemnly. "It was my 100th kill so I poured us some wine. It's the finest original Vino Bianco from 1992..."

"What, really?"

"No," Altær replied deadpan. "It's a Grüner Veltliner that I got at the grocery store for less than 3 Euros."

Colt gave a moody grumble and plonked himself down onto one of the stools. He looked at the plate in front of him with obvious mistrust.

"Well, congratulations to 100..." he said while eyeing the three burgers on the plate with a tilted head.

Altær sat down at the opposite side of the table.

"Thank you," he said in a sober tone. He grabbed his glass and held it up for a moment as if to toast. But Colt didn't make any movement to return the gesture or even grab his own glass, so Altær just hinged up his turret and gulped down the sour wine with some effort.

By the time he set down the glass again, he noticed that Colt still hadn't touched any of his burgers. It wasn't hard to guess what bothered the T67 about them, but Altær decided to ask anyway.

"What's wrong? Not hungry, after all?"

Colt hesitated for a moment longer and then picked up one of his burgers. It was rather bare-bones; just a sesame seed-covered bun that was soaked with grease from the two slices of partially melted cheese and thick slab of meat inside it. There was no lettuce or any other visible vegetable filling, but some pale orange sauce was dangerously close to spilling out of it.

The T67 stared at it for a moment, then lifted his turret up to reveal a frown. He finally took a bite.

"It's disgusting," he mumbled, while chewing listlessly.

"How so?" Altær asked skeptically. "I didn't overcook it, did I?"

Colt swallowed laboriously.

"It's a person," he said with grave seriousness.

"Well, technically it was a person,..." Altær retorted, picking up one of his own burgers.




"Just eat your fucking peopleburgers, Colt."

There was a muffled "Ugh" while the T67 gulped down the rest of the first burger with a greediness that betrayed his hunger being greater than his desire to make a fuss.