Lore - Overview

The tank heads lore is best explained by looking at the different phases, but there are traits that all alive tank heads share. If you read the quick overview on the frontpage you should already have a bit of an idea what you're dealing with, but here and on the Phases' pages is some extra in-depth info.


Their bodies are made of flesh and bone as well and - except for the head - look identical to that of a regular human. All sexes and ethnicities occur, but the body types tend to be fit or muscular. Most tank heads are of a similar height as humans, but in phase 3, some freakishly tall ones have appeared. The tallest recorded tank head is over 24 feet tall.

Only the outer surface and some of the interior of the head is made of metal. The extra weight that the steel adds leads to the neck bones being stronger, but not in an outwardly noticeable way. Due to big parts of the head featuring air pockets (similar to bird bones), the additional weight isn't great. The surface can be modified and repainted easily.

The Headmeat

All hatches on the turret can be opened, and will expose the insides. Commonly just called "headmeat", it is the head's organs and the fleshy surface of the membrane that surrounds them. Opening the hatches should only be done in cases of emergency and by health professionals, since the insides are vulnerable to injury and infection.


The part of the cannon that is visible on the outside of the head cannot be moved and they can't use it to shoot. Behind the cannon mantlet, it continues on into the head and skull for quite a bit, probably to balance out the front-heaviness of some longer cannons.

The Phases

To distinguish the different kinds of tank heads, they are divided into phases. There are at this time 4 phases, of which 3 mean different "forms" of tank heads. Namely, Phase 1, 2, and 3 are all different. Phase 4 is essentially the same as Phase 3, but a new era.

Phase 1

The very first tank heads who entered our dimension at around WW1. They were frail and looked grotesque to humans - they didn't have their tank disguise yet. There was only very few of them and they were all killed or died very quickly.

Phase 2

These are the tank heads that are most widely known at around 2019. They started appearing during WW2 and believe they are reborn tanks. Other than the next phase afterwards, they can't hinge their turret up. They age much slower than humans.

Phase 3

At around 2022, the first phase 3 tank heads start appearing. They keep their existence a secret, pretending to be phase 2s. Their bodies are more advanced than those of the phase 2s - they can lift their turret, their wounds heal faster, and don't age at all if they eat.

Phase 4

This is the phase where the phase 3 tank heads reveal themselves and start taking over the world. Their goal is to take control of the planet Earth and make the humans their "livestock".

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Comparison of the Phases

Topic Phase 2 Phase 3
Aging Age slowly, but surely. It is estimated that they age about 3 times slower than humans. Can stop their aging process by consuming other living creatures.
Digestion Can't eat or drink even if they find a way to, because they will get very sick. Can eat and drink anything that is edible to humans.
Reproduction No ability to have children. No change - they are also infertile.
Injuries Wounds heal at the same rate as those of humans. Wounds heal about twice as fast.
Illnesses Can get sick like humans. Can also get sick. It was found that illnesses like cancer advance more dramatically.
Memories They lost all their memories when they were replaced with those of the humans. They kept all their memories of their life prior to the entry.
Languages Fluently speaking the languages of the humans they stole their memories from, and any others they learned while on Earth. Speaking with a "strange" accent, due to only knowing their own language by default. They studied the basics of human languages but have to actively learn and practice them.