Lore - Phase 2

This is the phase of the reborn tanks, because that's what they believe they are.

The phase of unawareness.

After the catastrophic failure of phase 1, for a long time, nothing happened. None of the humans made the connection that the weak, creepy-looking creatures they killed a long time ago were the same creatures that started appearing during WW2 and afterwards - just in a new disguise.

In the hope of inspiring awe and respect in the human minds, and being accepted, the interdimensional intruders started pretending to be reincarnated tanks.

What they do inspire is pity.

They steal memories from humans upon entering the dimension to achieve a perfectly convincing act - the problem is that the process is flawed and they accidentally overwrite their actual memories when they do this. This was never intended.

It means that they live with no knowledge of their past and origin, and on top of it, a pile of psychological issues caused by their fake memories. After all, they honestly believed those are their own.

Why was phase 2 not stopped immediately?

At the time of phase 2, the ones left behind in their home dimension do realize that something isn't going according to plan, but they figure that it's actually a much more effective way to prepare their takeover. After all, if the tank heads who travelled to Earth don't even know about the takeover plans themselves, they cannot reveal them. Of course the whole point of the operation was missed, so they worked on finding a way to achieve the desired result.

It is mostly a waiting game from that point on. While the remaining ones left behind grew hungrier, they kept sending new travellers into the other dimension. They were slowly becoming a very common sight for humans. But they weren't satisfied with the "product" of their entry - the bodies they could make weren't able to fulfill their purpose. Once the entry process is improved, however, Phase 3 starts.

Life and Death of Phase 2s

Despite becoming the target of lots of - sometimes not entirely ethical - research, not a lot is known to the humans about the tank heads. The humans too believe the rebirth story, as there is no evidence pointing to anything contrary.


The beginning of a tank head's life on Earth is their "rebirth". They appear near the place where a tank was destroyed, after a seemingly random time.

What exactly constitutes as "destroyed" is ambiguous. Some cases are very clear - the tank blew up into shreds. In other cases it was simply abandoned. Museum tanks are usually "spared".

When they are found, they are brought to a special municipality; there they are registered as inhabitants of their respective country.

Upon registration, a tank head is prompted to choose a first and last name for themself. Most go with random ordinary names, but some choose more unusual ones. Depending on the area, they receive some basic education and temporary housing.


At first, tank heads were considered government property, but in the span of a few years after their first appearance, they started gaining human rights. As of 2019, they mostly have the same rights as humans in most countries.

A tank head's life is not easy. They have no family and often end up in poverty. Finding education and jobs is tough for them, and many end up failing to get either. There are many associations and even private persons that try to support them, but successful and independent tank heads are still not the norm.

Some of them are never reported to the municipalities and instead live their life as undocumented citizens. Reasons include trying to evade being transferred back to their countries of origin, or being victims of human trafficking. They often acquire fake IDs and work off the book.


Like humans, tank heads can die from illness or injuries. There are no reported cases of them dying from old age - after all, they age very slowly.

There are however some cases of them dying from attempting to eat or drink, or being forced to. A phase 2's stomach cannot process food.

If they die, they are dead for good... or at least, so it seems. Actually, they simply go back to their home dimension.