Under the "label" of KATHARSIS ART, I create video games about the tank heads. At this time, it's VNs (visual novels) and KNs (kinetic novels - a visual novel without choices). Who knows what the future will bring in terms of genres. The engines I am familiar with are Ren'Py and Unity, though I have not made a finished game in the latter yet.

You can also find my gamedev stuff on my page, but early WIPs are not published there.

WIP and finished Games

White Monday

A story about the day in the life of a coke tank head. Heiko and his girlfriend are struggling with money trouble, which in the span of a day leads to disaster thanks to the involvement of a certain VHS tape.

Free to download and play, about 1 hour long. Featuring a ton of illustrations and even voice acting.

Yours Truly

When Armand goes on vacation to the UK, he expects a nice time with an online friend at a museum. What he doesn't expect is a pyromaniac out to kill him and unintentional involvement in a plan to blow up the last Tiger tank.

This game's development is on hiatus. There's no ETA yet for a release.

HATE is a 4 Letter Word

Roswell, a man who was once a tank, wants nothing more than take revenge on an unknown stranger. He tries to fill his empty life with money, women, and his job - but it seems like he can't break free of his growing obsession.

HATE4LW's development is currently on hold. Visit the links below for more infos and updates!

The Offer

Sit down and have a little chat with Raleigh, a tankhead. There's something he needs to tell you... but you may not like what you're about to hear.

This short "game" was made in a day and was an experiment to test out how well Ren'Py handles browser export.


Small side project that I'm not working on actively but casually, sometimes.

A weird alternate universe adventure where the tankpeople are humanpeople and their tankpeople selves are their other-dimensional doppelgangers...?


Keep an eye on this page for future gamedev endeavours! I have plans/ideas for a couple more games, which will be worked on as soon as the other projects are complete.