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This is still a huuuge WIP. I'll slowly be adding more characters, so check back every once in a while to see more profiles or follow my blog for updates.



Blind tank-guy living in Austria in theory, but on the internet in practice. Armand just tries to get by in a world that wasn't really made for him, in many ways.


Because everything was a tad too quiet and peaceful in Great Britain. This fellow would pass as your average jerk if it wasn't also for the fact that he is quite mentally unstable and likes to set things on fire with increasing frequency and severity.


Gentle and sensitive, but caught in a downward spiral of drugs, false promises, and depression. He has been trying to get his life together, however fails miserably so far. Appearing aloof and tough to strangers, Heiko is actually neither. He suffers from terrible self-esteem. Being a popular tank, he gets a lot of attention from fans, but feels fake and overrated because he knows that he doesn't live up to the hype.


Good soldier, but terrible roommate. While not particularly mean-spirited, Jayden is always up for mischief. He especially loves bringing his best friend Taylor back to earth every now and then.


Optimistic and idealist, but not naive. Despite everything, Jeremy is generally a cheerful, gentle, and patient person who always has an open ear for his friends' worries.


The King Tiger was the "triumph" of the German army in WWII, feared and deadly. Turret heads that used to be King Tigers are known for their pride. They are seen as majestic and powerful, sometimes arrogant, and they are well aware of their reputation, rareness and popularity. And then there's Kai. Kai is very different from his kin. Nice, humble, certainly awkward - he is nothing like other King Tigers.


A cheerful and flirty waitress who likes to go out and meet friends. Currently stuck in an unhappy relationship but pretending that everything is fine.


Confidence incarnate, Roswell lives a carefree life filled with women and success. There is only one thing that eats away at him - the desire to find and kill the tank that destroyed him. His existence seems to be enviable. He has it all - but below the surface, it is hollow, for there is not much going on apart from his obsessive thirst for vengeance on an innocent stranger.


When people meet this quiet, towering man for the first time - especially while he is on the job - they usually assume that he fits the cliche of the brawny brute. His habit of talking slowly and making many and sometimes long pauses often gives them the impression that he is a slow thinker as well.


A huge egoistic douchebag who doesn't get along well with most people irl but is pretty popular online.


Edgelord soldier boy living with his best friend, wants to be popular and liked but really tries too hard. Between his job and video games and going out, this fellow is looking for anything that will help him feel relevant.