fuck off, man. eat a dick.

A huge egoistic douchebag who doesn't get along well with most people irl but is pretty popular online.

Spends most of his time playing video games, in particular World of Tanks. He "mains" the T67 there and is a passionate sealclubber and arty hater. He doesn't have a job, but gets a bunch of money through playing on other people's accounts and padding their stats.

He hangs out a lot on the european WoT forums and likes to rant about artillery there. Recently, he met a particularly annoying arty stan there.

After clashing a bunch of times in various threads, a weird sexual tension started to form between the two. They moved to private messages and their banter became really steamy quickly. Eventually exchanging discord tags, they found out that they live very close to each other - so they decided to meet irl and it ended in a sexual encounter.

They've met again a couple more times in the meantime and even though they still curse at and tease each other, Trapper totally fell for his arty rival.


Nickname(s) Trapper
Surname Schell
Date of Rebirth 12th Aug 2012
Birthplace Austria
Residence Mödling, Austria
Gender Male
Sexuality not as straight as he thought
Relationship In a relationship with Armand
Height 1.70m (5'6'')
Languages German, English


  • Got chatbanned before for cursing at other players in WoT.
  • Prefers to go by his nickname even irl.
  • His alf-assed attempts to find a girlfriend never worked out.


After being reborn in Austria, where his tank self was destroyed, he tried to get an education. He moved in with some other students, sharing a flat in Vienna. He didn't get along well with anyone at school and was kind of bullied, so he preferred playing video games. At some point he started skipping classes because of it. Eventually, he dropped out.

At that point he had become a pro World of Tanks player and started offering people to play on their accounts in exchange for money. It works well for him. He makes enough to be able to get by, and he even got his own apartment outside Vienna now.