This is gonna blow your mind!

Edgelord soldier boy living with his best friend, wants to be popular and liked but really tries too hard. Between his job and video games and going out, this fellow is looking for anything that will help him feel relevant.

A cocky, daredevil guy who's full of pride. He likes to tease others and brags occasionally, and generally acts very tough. His attitude sometimes makes people annoyed with him, but that doesn't make him change his ways.

What he does care about is his job, which is his number one source of validation. He likes to flaunt the fact that he's a soldier, feeling mighty important because of it.


Surname Davis
Date of Rebirth Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Residence US
Gender Male
Sexuality Ambiguous
Relationship Single
Height 1.71m (5'6'')
Languages English



Lean, but not skinny - he has an athletic body that is covered in tattoos. Not incredibly tall, actually wishes he was taller.


Tries to look "cool" always while attempting to make it look casual. He usually wears shirts or hoodies with prints, typically with some edgy message.


  • Not as popular with the girls as he pretends to be.
  • But that's fine, he has a crush on his boss anyway.
  • Plays World of Warcraft.
  • Not very good at spelling and grammar.


The circumstances of his destruction and rebirth are unknown - he doesn't tell anyone about it no matter how often they ask. Not many know how he ended up with a fast-food job either, but it led to him meeting his best friend Jayden and becoming a career soldier.

He and Jayden recently got assigned to a squad with Roswell; they're now going on missions together. Taylor is Roswell's greatest fan, constantly trying to impress him (with little success).