You might wanna slow down there a little, buddy, pal,

When people meet this quiet, towering man for the first time - especially while he is on the job - they usually assume that he fits the cliche of the brawny brute. His habit of talking slowly and making many and sometimes long pauses often gives them the impression that he is a slow thinker as well.

But neither is true. He isn't dense or crude; in fact he is quite perceptive, and a laid-back, friendly guy. While it's not his priority to impress people or tell them what to think of him, they usually quickly catch on once they actually get to know him.


Nickname(s) Sigi
Surname Schneider
Date of Rebirth 27th Feb 1964
Birthplace UK
Residence Philadelphia, US
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Single
Height 2.10m (6'8'')
Languages German, English



Tall with a very heavy build.


Loves turtleneck sweaters, and also appreciates plaid shirts. He prefers plain and comfortable clothing that still looks neat.



Despite being kind and patient, he doesn't let people act up on him. People with malicious intentions or those who provoke him will generally be ignored until they stop, unless they go too far or harass one of his friends. He'll even stand up for strangers.


Though a bit old-fashioned because of his age, he's open-minded towards political and societal change and new technology. He takes things as they come and waits before he forms an opinion. If he decides that he doesn't like something however, he can be extremely obstinate, and it will be basically impossible to change his mind.


  • Owns a Nokia 3310. He thinks it's the best phone.
  • A bit clumsy, bumps his turret on things often.
  • Only one of his kind, which makes him pretty famous.


The E-100 was a concept for a super-heavy tank, of which a prototype was built but never finished. It never saw action in combat, instead the unfinished prototype was found by the allies at the end of the war and taken to the UK for testing purposes. After the tests, the prototype was scrapped in the 1950s….and reincarnated as a turret head about ten years later, in 1964.

After some controversy who was supposed to keep him, he ended up in the UK. Following an offer from a US tankhead association, he moved there, but was exploited by them.

He couldn't get out before the association was disbanded. With money he received upon its liquidation, he moved into an apartment and built a little existence of his own.

Two unsuccessful marriages later, he lives alone and only has casual relationships anymore. Generally, he is content with how his life is going currently - he has friends, hobbies, and is financially stable.