one in thousands ... we're not the same.

Confidence incarnate, Roswell lives a carefree life filled with women and success. There is only one thing that eats away at him - the desire to find and kill the tank that destroyed him. His existence seems to be enviable. He has it all - but below the surface, it is hollow, for there is not much going on apart from his obsessive thirst for vengeance on an innocent stranger.

A confident and reckless fellow who tends to have little empathy with others.

He loves women, and it's rarely difficult for him to get a girl he wants. He prefers tank women, however, and will give most humans the cold shoulder. Even with tank women, he isn't interested in more than the casual fling, though, much to the dismay of those who fall in love with him.

The problem is that he is also very much in love with himself - not in a healthy way. He thinks he was some sort of extremely important, unique tank who was predestined to winning the war. Other tanks like Shermans were cannon fodder produced in thousands, but he was special. He had purpose - he was the big cat killer. The fact that he failed is something he can't get over. In his mind, he's still extremely important and unique, which makes him arrogant and dismissive of others' feelings and worries.


Nickname(s) Ros
Surname White
Date of Rebirth 21st Mar 2000
Birthplace Dessau, Germany
Residence Philadelphia, US
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Single
Height 1.84m (6'1'’)
Languages English (native)



Keeps his turret in a good condition. On the right side of the cannon barrel, an inscription reads "GET REKT" - it was added rather recently. Repainted his turret soon after he was reborn to feature the current green.

Not at all conscious about his body and doesn't mind showing it off. He is very aware of his looks; while he doesn't brag, he does know that a bit (or a lot) of bare skin can help you achieve things in certain situations.


He prefers a formal clothing style when going out, but otherwise doesn't mind more casual clothes. His wardrobe also contains various shirts and sweaters with pop culture references printed on them, but he keeps those up to date, which means regularly throwing away the old clothes and buying new ones - he can afford it. Sometimes he can also be seen in camo pants, although he doesn't wear his uniforms in his downtime, except for official occasions.

When he's on missions, he has some freedoms about his choice of outfits, but generally chooses practicality over style.



He has many admirers, and generally tends to get along well with others, but doesn't really maintain any close friendships. It doesn't bother him - he simply doesn't care much about people.

Despite being a rather chill person for the most part, he doesn't take any shit from anyone and will not think twice about teaching the offender a lesson. Most people know not to start fights with him, but there are always ones going for it. This doesn't bother him either; even though he doesn't usually start them, he loves fights.


He doesn't like talking and prefers letting his actions speak. When he does say something, it's usually a snide remark.

Loud and attention-seeking people give him serious headaches, and he may forget to behave around them.

Around superiors, he acts professional and competent, addressing them with the due respect - but not more than that.


  • Huge memelord who spends a lot of time online.
  • On the internet, nobody knows you're a tank
  • Dreams about his nemesis sometimes.
  • The "mask" of his turret was cut from the armour of a Panther tank.
  • Would collect his enemies' heads as trophies if it wasn't against the law.
  • Will snap your neck without hesitation or feeling sorry.


Roswell was a T26E4 Super Pershing in his past tank life - one of the modified M26 Pershings that were designed to fight the German big cats. He did a good job at that; his crew managed to take out Panthers and even some Tigers, but as they fought in a town called Dessau, they met a King Tiger that swiftly put an end to their life.

Many years later, Roswell woke up in said town. He was brought back to the US, where he was given temporary housing for the time being. Not pleased with the prospect of ending up with a "menial" job like many of his peers, he looked around for other options. He decided that he wanted to work for the military, but the very basic education he was getting wouldn't have been enough to join. Being a rare tank however, he realized that he could profit from that fact. He got in touch with several associations and was accepted by one of them.

Living with them for a while, he had them pay for him getting further education. After getting his GED effortlessly, he simply ditched the association, which didn't sit well with them, but he didn't care at all. They couldn't do anything about him leaving; not even offering him money could change his mind.

He went on to apply for the army and got accepted immediately. As soon as he finished basic training, he went on various missions and established a reputation, was soon put in charge of his own squads.

Due to his job but also because he never felt like he really belonged in one place, he moved to different cities and states often. Fortunately for him, he doesn't get attached to people, so leaving everyone behind and making a fresh start every time was never a problem for him.

Normally, he doesn't hold grudges, but with the King Tiger that destroyed him it's different. He wants to find and kill him, and has been searching for him since he was reincarnated, but wasn't able to locate him yet. It's his biggest goal, and he doesn't mind having to wait in case his nemesis wasn't reborn yet. In the meantime, he continues to make a living by being a career soldier in the army, which enables him to live a pretty carefree life without any financial worries.