Out of your many lies, the biggest one was "I love you".

A cheerful and flirty waitress who likes to go out and meet friends. Currently stuck in an unhappy relationship but pretending that everything is fine.

Lisa has a cheeky nature, is never shy of a witty comment, and tries to see the glass as half full.

Despite the fact that her current life situation isn't optimal, Lisa doesn't worry too much about the future and believes that everything will work out eventually. It's hard for her to deal with stress though, so whenever things get too emotionally straining, she just tunes them out, acting like there is no problem at all until it goes away on its own or someone else fixes it for her.


Nickname(s) Lizzy, Liz
Surname Mirea
Date of Rebirth 5th Nov 2010
Birthplace Unknown
Residence Philadelphia, US
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Relationship In a relationship with Heiko
Height 1.50m (4′9′’)
Languages German, Romanian, English



Very short. She is quite busty, but otherwise average in figure.

The spaced armour that surrounds her turret and the storage box in the back of it can be removed. She usually wears the former when she's trying to look fancy.


She loves girly clothes. Owns a few sweaters and dresses with nebula prints on them.

Typically, she shows up overdressed, unless Masha can stop her in time. Spends a lot of time clothes shopping, although doesn't actually buy anything most of the time due to her tight budget.



Her favourite thing is being the center of attention, and she'd do almost everything to be that. She usually dresses provocatively and acts flirty towards strangers, but she just does it because she wants people to like and admire her. A lot of that admiration comes from her friends - she is pretty popular and has a lot of them, even though most of these friendships are rather superficial. Whenever she isn't at work or spending time with her boyfriend, she goes out with them, but rarely invites them to her home.


Talks quite fast and with an accent. She doesn't always remember to be as polite as the situation demands it, but is charming enough that people usually forgive her.

A bit exuberant - loves to hug people with vigor and will try to listen to ther problems. Friends will be showered with love, enemies avoided.


  • Always has her phone with her.
  • Big fan of Masha's fish tank.
  • Listens mostly to pop music, or whatever she hears on the radio.
  • Has a thing for abs.
  • Reasonably good at karaoke.
  • Wants a puppy.


She was one of the Panzer IVs in Romanian service towards the end of the war. Her destruction was nothing remarkable or spectacular; she and her crew got taken out by an anti-tank gun during a fight in a town. When she is asked about it, she usually just shrugs and points out that it really doesn't matter what happened decades ago. Following her rebirth at the former Eastern Front, she was brought to Romania when Germany didn't want her, but didn't want to stay there. She was placed with a job she didn't like and that was poorly paid, and when she was told that things are better for turret heads in the US, she saved up money and moved there. Arriving there, it turned out to be an exaggeration and she actually isn't much better off than she was in her home country.

Currently, Lisa works as a waitress in a bar near her and Heiko's shared flat. She likes the job, but doesn't make a lot of money and usually can only just afford her rent. It doesn't help the money problems that Heiko - who lives off social benefits since he doesn't manage to hold a job - needs most of their money. To make her financial situation better, she has been looking for a higher paying job, but hasn't had any luck so far, the main reason being her lack of formal education.

Her relationship with Heiko has been going downhill, which has affected her upbeat demeanor. She tries not to show it, but it's wearing her out. She worries about him a lot because she can tell that he's getting worse, but she doesn't know what to do about it and often ends up lashing out at him, which doesn't make things better.