Take it easy!

Optimistic and idealist, but not naive. Despite everything, Jeremy is generally a cheerful, gentle, and patient person who always has an open ear for his friends' worries.

Jeremy is an idealist at heart. He sees the good side of people, bright side of things, and doesn't let pessimists and negative people bring him down. He believes that no matter how bad things get, they can get better given enough time. Some people think that he is naive because of this, but that isn't the case. He is aware of the sometimes dire reality having experienced dark times himself. But despite misfortunes and struggles in his past, he didn't become cynical or bitter. He didn't break.

Most of the time, he is in a good mood and tries to spread that mood. He supports his friends in every way he can, but will also approach strangers. Being a highly empathetic person, he knows when someone needs cheering up, and he goes about helping them in a gentle and patient way. He also knows when someone just needs some space and can be quiet when needed, despite being talkative usually.


Nickname(s) EZ
Surname Hayes
Date of Rebirth 30th Jun 2006
Birthplace Germany
Residence Philadelphia, US
Gender Male
Sexuality Gay
Relationship Single
Height 1.70m (5'6'')
Languages English


  • Owns a tiny cactus. It's his favorite possession.
  • Collects postage stamps.
  • Big fan of Brad Pitt. Has seen most of his movies at least once.
  • He later becomes Heiko's boyfriend for a while. Things don't work out, however.


One of the last "Easy Eight"s ever produced, this Sherman saw combat in South Germany at the end of WWII. Or rather, would have seen combat, but he was destroyed during his very first encounter with a German tank as he and his crew were unlucky enough to run into an ambushing Tiger I. The Tiger was taken out by their platoon mates before it could destroy another tank, but the Easy Eight had been too heavily damaged by the German's hit to be repaired and only one of the crew members - the commander - survived.

It took until June 2006 until Jeremy was "reborn" as a turret head. Upon his return to the US, he immediately started searching for his former crew. He didn't believe that any of them survived the encounter with the Tiger and didn't know about his commander's recovery, but had heard of other turret heads whose crews had survived their destruction. He figured that he had nothing to lose and gave it a try. To his own surprise, his search was successful. Since he had remembered the names of his crew, he only had to find out who of the persons with those names were alive, had served in WWII, and crewed an Easy Eight.

With some help from the municipalities, he was able to locate his commander after only a couple of weeks. Said commander was an old man by now, living in a town near Philadelphia with his wife. As Jeremy contacted him, he immediately agreed to take him in. The Easy Eight couldn't have been happier, packed his things and travelled to Pennsylvania to move in with his commander.

Since he could live with his new "family" and didn't have to worry about money, he was able to go to school. They were nice and loving people, too. The future looked bright for him, but then things took a turn for the worse.

After only three years of living with him, his commander suffered a stroke and ended up severely disabled. The medical bills quickly ate up their money, so they could no longer afford Jeremy's education. He had to quit school and tried to find a job, which he managed to do, but it wasn't a well-paid one, so even then the money wasn't enough. They had to sell their house. The commander's wife ended up becoming depressed; she and Jeremy started getting into many arguments as their debt increased and her mental state worsened.

Two years went by, in which the commander had more strokes. He eventually died. That was the final straw - after another, particularly heated argument that was triggered by Jeremy losing his job, the wife kicked him out.

When he told his friends about this, they offered him a home for the time being. He moved to Philadelphia to live with them. They were mostly students, friends he had made when he still went to school. As such, they weren't exactly wealthy either, sharing a flat and working besides studying. Jeremy felt a bit like an outcast and tried to find a job again as well. He ended up working in retail, where he didn't earn enough to continue his education, however. But he was glad that he had a job at all.

His life situation was stable again at least, and he was having a pretty good time. His friends were enjoying their life, going out and to parties in their free time. He joined them whenever he could. 2011 was a great year for him; he felt at home in the big city, lived the nightlife. On top of that, he found love - he fell in love with one of his friends. It turned out that this friend reciprocated the feelings and they became a couple quickly, although they kept their relationship a secret for the most part. They were afraid of coming out, so only their close friends knew about them.

But again, fate didn't mean well for the Sherman. At some point during 2012 - or possibly even earlier - Jeremy's friends had started taking their partying a step further. Before he knew it, they had gotten involved with drugs. At first it was only an occasional, casual thing. Jeremy was skeptical about this new "trend". He tried to stay out of the whole deal.

As another year went by, things started getting out of hand. As the drugs became a more prominent part of their life - taking them was no longer something they only did at parties - and they also switched to harder drugs, they started trying to get Jeremy to join them, telling him that he was missing out. No one forced him to take part, but he felt a certain peer pressure nevertheless, especially since his boyfriend had joined the "fun" as well. He abstained nevertheless.

This went on for a while. At one point, he seriously considered giving in, but then a tragedy that should forever turn him off from the idea happened. One day while at work, he got a call from one of his friends, who told him that his boyfriend had died from an overdose.

Jeremy's world shattered. He fell into deep depression, quit his job and moved out as he could no longer bear living with his friends, whom he blamed for his boyfriend's death. Couch-surfing and spending his days mourning, it took him a whole year to recover enough to function again. He came to terms with his loss, despite not being over it, and tried to enjoy his life again.

He still feels pain, but has been able to find his optimistic outlook on life again. He wants to keep going and not dwell on the past. The last year was spent looking for a new job; he didn't want to go back to working at retail, so he ended up becoming a postal worker. It's not his dream job, but it helps him pay the rent for the little flat he moved into a couple of months ago.

He also still goes out a lot, but now actually has fun again, and found friends that aren't a bad influence.