I did it for the likes

Good soldier, but terrible roommate. While not particularly mean-spirited, Jayden is always up for mischief. He especially loves bringing his best friend Taylor back to earth every now and then.

Used to be somewhat rich, but spent all his money irresponsibly until none was left. It made him a little more humble, though he still tends to think more highly of himself than he has any reason for.

His past bothers him occasionally, but overall, he is a pretty well-adjusted individual. When not on duty, he likes to hang out at home to play video games or go out to party.

He is rarely seen without his phone, and likes to document every day of his life with pics - even inappropriate situations.


Surname Lewis
Date of Rebirth Unknown
Birthplace Germany
Residence US
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Single
Height 1.69m (5'6'')
Languages English



Sleek and fit. Not particularly tall, but doesn't mind that. His turret's paint is always in a good condition; he repainted it after his rebirth because he found the plain green "boring".


He dresses in casual clothes, or at least makes it look casual - he's very picky about his style and will throw away a piece of clothing if it has a single hole or renitent stain.



Jayden is cheeky and mischievous most of the time. He likes to tease and fool - but primarily his few friends. With strangers, he usually acts more distanced, which is partly due to him not trusting anyone he isn't very close with.


At his job, he acts more professional, often to the point of being ruthless in carrying out his orders. Other than Taylor, Jayden doesn't think of his job as a big deal; it's just something he does for the money.


  • Is partly responsible for one of Taylor's tattoos.
  • Laughs about his own jokes a lot.
  • Acts quite affectionate at times - prone to tacklehugs.
  • Similar to Roswell's "mask", the armour plate on top of Jayden's turret's roof was cut from a destroyed enemy tank.
  • His divine mission is to ruin every single one of Taylor's selfies.
  • Plays a lot of video games, but only casually.
  • Hates taxes and doing them.


Deployed in 1943, Jayden's tank incarnation was part of a Tank Destroyer Battalion. Being fast tanks, they were able to maneuver around enemy tanks easily and specialized in close quarters combat. With the more widespread appearance of the Tiger and Panther tanks however, his model started to lose its edge; the big cats were difficult to harm with the Wolverine's cannon, even when flanked. The superior Jacksons and Hellcats became more important.

At the end of 1944, his unit was ambushed by a German heavy tank company. They fought back as long as they could, but one after another, their tanks were destroyed. Jayden was the last one left, but in the end was destroyed as well. His crew was wiped out during his destruction.

As he was reincarnated, it turned out that they had saved up money for him, which he went ahead and claimed. It was a considerable sum, but instead of using it in a prudent way, he spent it on a fancy apartment, expensive things, and parties. The living relatives of his crew found out and asked him to share some of his fortune with them, but he refused.

Before he knew it however, all the money was gone. He had thought that it would be easy to just find a job once that happened, but had to find out that this was not the case. Since he had run out of money sooner than expected, he hadn't made any preparations for the life afterwards yet, instead relying on the idea that he would figure something out when the time came.

Despite selling everything he could, he still couldn't afford his apartment and expensive lifestyle any longer. None of his "friends" were interested in helping him out either. After being kicked out eventually, he came crawling back to his crew's relatives, but they didn't feel sorry for him and turned him down as he asked them for financial help.

He hurried to apply to a number of associations, but was rejected by every single one. Ending up with what little money welfare was giving him, he lived in a small, cheap apartment and continued his struggle to find a job - unfortunately, he wasn't really willing to actually work. When he wasn't kicked, he just quit the moment actual labour was expected of him.

At one point, as he had just started working for a fast food restaurant, he met Taylor - another tank head. At first Jayden didn't really care about him, thinking himself better than his colleagues. He found Taylor quite annoying, not fond of the guy's boastful and - in Jayden's opinion - utterly cringey attitude. It took him a while until he realized that Taylor was trying to impress him.

Not that this would have changed Jayden's opinion of him much, but during one break, Taylor eventually mentioned to him that he had 'a plan' to get out of there. That plan involved pooling their money, moving in together, robbing a gas station, and joining the army. Jayden was able to reason the robbery part out of his coworker, but liked the rest of the plan - mainly for self-interest, of course.

They went through with it; while they lived together, Jayden got to know a different side of Taylor and started realizing that he was actually not as pretentious as he acted in front of others. He started liking him, soon considering him as a friend. Their bond was further strengthened when they went through bootcamp and military training together.

Their money troubles went away mostly as soon as they got into active service, but they still share a flat and have become best friends.