arson is legal and its the only way to get into heaven

Because everything was a tad too quiet and peaceful in Great Britain. This fellow would pass as your average jerk if it wasn't also for the fact that he is quite mentally unstable and likes to set things on fire with increasing frequency and severity.

A young, smug tank head who will lie to your face and get angry easily if things don't go his way. He doesn't care about people's opinions of him, and will be rude and inconsiderate without fearing the social consequences. Making friends becomes difficult like this, but there are people willing to hang out with him nevertheless.

He has a hard time controlling his impulsive nature - especially when he becomes stressed or bored (which happens easily), he acts irresponsible. In his case, this usually means doing something illegal, or at least dangerous.


Nickname(s) Inferno
Surname Reed
Date of Rebirth 8th May 2017
Birthplace UK
Residence UK
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Taken
Height 1.80m (5'10'')
Languages English



A former heavy tank, thus tall and beefy, which he doesn't mind showing off. Those who are attracted to him however usually keep their distance; the nice body is not worth its terrible owner.


Can be seen wearing the same clothes most of the time. He doesn't own many different outfits. His favourite combination is wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a fishnet top, something that tends to raise eyebrows.


  • Jobless, gets all his money from the association.
  • Is the founder of a death metal band. It's still very new, so they have about 5 fans yet.
  • No one wants to be his roommate because he likes to play with his lighters for hours on end.


A flamethrower prototype tank that got forgotten in history, but ended up returning as a tank head.

Reborn recently and up to no good since. He somehow got himself accepted into an association, but didn't make any friends there. Constantly on the verge of getting kicked because of various misbehaviours, the only reason why he is still part of it is that no one can prove anything severe.

There's been a suspicious increase in cases of arson since he's around. No culprit has been caught yet.

Very recently, he started dating a human woman, Helena. She was married, but her husband died under strange circumstances soon after she and Inferno began seeing each other. Inferno claims he doesn't know anything.