while other's trouble seems to grow, i have no problems whatsoever.

Gentle and sensitive, but caught in a downward spiral of drugs, false promises, and depression. He has been trying to get his life together, however fails miserably so far. Appearing aloof and tough to strangers, Heiko is actually neither. He suffers from terrible self-esteem. Being a popular tank, he gets a lot of attention from fans, but feels fake and overrated because he knows that he doesn't live up to the hype.

He feels like he doesn't have a purpose; a tank is meant for fighting, but now that he was reborn as a turret head and the war is long over, he feels useless. To alleviate these feelings, he has turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms - he developed a drug habit, craving the relief of the short-lived highs it gives him.

His life doesn't revolve around much other things than his addiction and his relationship with his girlfriend; he doesn't have a job or any hobbies other than going out. But his relationship doesn't make him happy either. It's slowly falling apart and he doesn't know what to do about it.

Most of his time is spent contemplating, he broods over his life, his past, and problems endlessly and overthinks everything. It keeps him up at night.


Surname Jäger
Date of Rebirth 19th Mar 2011
Birthplace Ukraine
Residence Philadelphia, US
Gender Male
Sexuality Questioning
Relationship In a relationship with Lisa
Height 1.76m (5′9′’)
Languages German (native), English (sufficient)



In a very poor condition. If he had to eat, he would be seriously starving himself. Doesn't get enough sleep either.

The white paint on his turret is chipped and has slightly differently coloured patches on both sides where he painted over the turret number. He denies that he did this. The muzzle of his cannon is soot-black.

Trees sleeve tattoo on his right arm. (I sometimes draw him with wings tattooed on his shoulders.) Left handed.


Heiko prefers casual clothes that are cheap, but even if he had more money, he still wouldn't spend it on clothes. Usually he wears darker, muted colours, with a few exceptions. The box at the back of his turret can be removed, which he usually does when he sleeps.



He often only thinks after he speaks and regrets a lot of his words that were said on impulse afterwards. This often gets him in trouble and arguments with others, which usually ends with him getting hurt.

If he doesn't like someone, he can't hide it. He gets passive-aggressive at best and openly hostile if his dislike gets too intense for him to deal with it.

He does have a sense of humour, but when people poke good-natured fun at him, he often mistakes it for actually being made fun of and gets offended. This is mostly because of his many insecurities. He can laugh about funny jokes, but not about himself.


Usually somewhat lethargic, unless something bothers him. Then, he gets antsy and even whiny. When sober, he doesn't gesture a lot when speaking, and talks in a way that makes him sound apathetic and exhausted. Often, he wants to say something, but doesn't, out of fear of sounding "stupid".

He can be polite, but in a very awkward, forced way.

Other than that, he's trying to be nice, but usually seems to be unable to articulate it. It doesn't help that he's prone to saying random and incoherent seeming things. Many people think he's an idiot.


  • Owns a DVD with footage of Tiger I tanks, which he watches every so often
  • Favourite song is "Pet Sematary" by the Ramones
  • When alone at home, he spends most of his time watching TV, the shows don't really interest him though
  • Can play the guitar (somewhat)
  • Has shoplifted before
  • Atheist
  • Very poor - he owns some clothes and a particular DVD and that's basically it.
  • Mostly lives off his girlfriend's money.
  • He doesn't even own a phone because he can't afford it.
  • No formal education.


He tells everyone who asks that he was destroyed while fighting at the Eastern Front, but was actually blown up and abandoned by his crew after a malfunction that they couldn't fix due to a lack of spare parts. To keep this a secret, he even went as far as painting over the number that used to be on his turret so no one would recognize him based on historical data. After being reborn in the Ukraine, he returned to Germany and tried to find a job there.

It didn't work out, but then he got an offer from an American association of tank appreciators. They invited him to the US and supported him financially. It went well at first, but he still couldn't find a job and eventually got involved with drugs, spending the money that the association gave him on them. They found out and kicked him out. He ended up living on the streets for a while, until he met Lisa, his current girlfriend. They fell in love and he moved in with her. For a while, they were happy, but his issues soon resurfaced.

Even though it seems futile even to himself, he is trying to fix his relationship issues and drug problem. He doesn't make any progress, however, instead it seems like things are just getting worse the harder he tries. Unable to hold a job, he just stopped trying to apply at some point and now lives on social benefits and his girlfriend's money. The result is that he has nothing to do most of the time, so he hangs out in the city with the people he calls his friends when Lisa is at work or going out with her own friends.

Recently, he has become obsessed with the idea that she is cheating on him, which brought him on a collision course with a certain Super Pershing who he believes is responsible for that.