a firm grip on reality

Blind tank-guy living in Austria in theory, but on the internet in practice. Armand just tries to get by in a world that wasn't really made for him, in many ways.

Armand is a 105 leFH18B2 turrethead. He lives alone in an apartment in the capital city of Austria. Spending most of his time at home and on his computer, the majority of his life happens online. He has only one offline friend, whom he barely ever sees because that friend seems to be busy always.

He usually pretends to be French, but doesn't even speak the language except for very rudimentary phrases.


Nickname(s) mikrowaveable (online)
Surname Weber
Date of Rebirth 21st May 2013
Birthplace France
Residence Vienna, Austria
Gender Male
Sexuality Unknown
Relationship Single
Height 1.87m (6'1'')
Languages German, English



Armand is quite tall, with a pretty fit build leaning towards beefy. He has scars from top surgery when he transitioned.


Usually buys black or grey clothes so he doesn't have to deal with mismatched colors. His foster-mom often helps him pick them, as she is usually the one dragging him to the store; if unattended, he often wears his clothes until they literally fall apart at the seams.



Participating in various internet communities, Armand has become a community manager in one of them recently. He volunteers keeping their chat servers free from troublemakers. It's a "job" he enjoys doing.

He is much more competent expressing himself through text and avoids talking in real life when possible. It's hard for him to find friends anywhere, and especially in the city where he lives.


  • When he was reborn, his "turret" was painted grey with German markings. He had himself repainted with French colours and markings because he wants to avoid people thinking he's attached to his "German origin" in any way.
  • He gets a lot of headaches.
  • Visits his foster-parents every two weeks or so; they try to keep in touch.
  • Doesn't have a service dog. He's not very good with animals.
  • Very organized to avoid losing/misplacing things. He keeps lists of his possessions with their locations.


Was built by the French in 1940 as a Char B1 bis. Captured by the Germans when France fell and converted to a leFH in 1942. Used against allied soldiers and tanks in France. After a series of mechanical breakdowns, the vehicle was destroyed and left behind.

Was reborn in 2013 in France. Only one of his crew could be determined, and he was brought to Austria - the origin country of one of his gunners. He lived with foster-"parents" for a while in a rural area; they were the children of that gunner.

They enabled him to get basic education and find an apprenticeship, during which he attended job school. In his free time, he started spending a lot of time on the computer and the internet, finding the virtual world easier to navigate than the real one.

He finished job school with perfect scores. Looking for jobs as soon as his apprenticeship was finished as well, he found an office position in Vienna and moved there. It turned out that he couldn't do the job in the way it was expected of him, so he quit after a short while.